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KB Realty Group is Florida’s and Georgia’s Full-Service Property Management Services and Investment Concierge.


Real estate investing can be your ticket to boundless wealth, or a bottomless money pit.  The real difference between landlords that are living the dream of running a real estate empire that generates endless passive income and those forced to work every day to stay above water is all about finding the right property management partner.  At KB Realty Group we do more than just manage real estate — we add immediate and quantifiable value to your business that more than offsets our fees.  We take pride in servicing each of our clients and the results speak for themselves. 



KB Realty Group provides seamless communication with tenants and owners through the easy-to-navigate online portal.  All properties are tracked carefully for rent collection, renovation costs, repairs and maintenance to guarantee our clients’ profitability.


KB Realty Group has an in-house team of contractors and maintenance professionals ready to address repair and maintenance concerns fast keeping owners and tenants happy.

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