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234 Turnstone Rd

Beautifully renovated 2bed/2.5 bath traditional home is waiting for you! BRAND-NEW everything! Cozy up to the fireplace in the spacious living room or cook up your favorite meals in the open and bright kitchen with backyard views and access. The huge backyard is landscaped with easy-to-maintain perfection and surrounded by a privacy fence. Two outdoor storage closets provide ample storage. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet. The bathrooms are stunningly elegant with brand-new tubs tiled to the ceiling.  This unique home features brand-new light fixtures throughout, giving it a fresh and modern vibe. And those black stainless steel appliances in the kitchen? So sleek and stylish! Plus, the matte black plumbing and hardware throughout add a touch of sophistication. It's all about those little details that make a house feel like a dream come true!”

235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
235 Turnstone Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22

338 Chandler Ridge

Welcome to this absolute beautiful Ranch home with tons of elegance and charm. Gorgeous kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, great room with fireplace, screened back porch, formal dining room, hardwoods flooring. Manicured backyard with professional landscaping. Priced to sell! Motivated Seller!

338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
338 Chandler Rdg_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26

115 Turning Point

Impeccably renovated 1bed/1.5bath home is a must-see! With no detail left untouched. This STUNNING modern home offers brand new, top of the line EVERYTHING! As you step into your luxurious new home, you will be welcomed by the chic, custom-made fireplace.  Enjoy spending time in your open and bright kitchen complete with Cambridge cabinets featuring soft close door hinges, gorgeous Carrara Morro quartz countertops and brand new black stainless steel appliances.  This unique home is adorned with matte black hardware and plumbing fixtures throughout along with LED lighting inside and outside.  Enjoy spending time in the private backyard or the convenient and quick access to major highways when on the-go.  Other features include BRAND NEW GAF Timberline Architectural Shingles, LVP flooring throughout, and tiled shower with quartz countertop vanities.  This home boasts an attached one-car garage with LED video Smart Quiet Belt Drive garage door opener equipped with camera and battery backup.  Fresh paint inside and out. You won't find another home done to this level of perfection for the price, so come and see this one-of-a-kind home before it's gone!

115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
115 Turning Point_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22

625 Brents Cove

Impeccably renovated open floor plan 3bed/2bath home is a must-see! With no detail left untouched, this STUNNING modern home offers brand new, top of the line EVERYTHING! LED lighting inside and outside, matte black hardware throughout to match gorgeous quartz countertops and black stainless steel appliances in bright kitchen with island are just a few of the flawless design features. Enjoy time with family and friends in the large fenced-in backyard, cozying up to the indoor fireplace or fun in the sun at the community pool.  Other features include BRAND NEW: LVP flooring throughout, bathroom vanities/mirrors and tiled shower and tub, bluetooth enabled exhaust fans to play your favorite music while taking a bath or shower, light fixtures and ceiling fans, blinds, matte black plumbing fixtures and much more!  This exquisite home offers large closets in every bedroom, attached two-car garage with Wi-Fi enabled Smart Home garage door opener, enclosed outdoor storage shed, and fresh paint inside and out.  You won't find another home done to this level of perfection for the price, so come and see this one-of-a-kind gem before it's gone!

625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-27
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-28
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-29
625 Brents Cv_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9

1596 Mallard Circle

Move in ready! 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms. It's
better than new!!! It's ready for a new
homeowner. Close to Atlanta International
airport. This home has a lovely open concept
floor plan. New kitchen with white cabinets, title
backsplash, and granite countertops. All new
bathrooms, windows, paint (indoor and
outdoor), flooring, heating and air system.
Includes newly paved driveway and patio.

1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
1596 Mallard Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26

210 Heathwood Drive

This gorgeous and luxurious home with impeccable craftsmanship is waiting to welcome you home!  Located just minutes away from I-475 and popular food and retail spaces, this home checks all of the boxes. Enter into the foyer and enjoy the spacious open concept living area that opens into the beautifully styled eat-in kitchen and the formal dining area. The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances with antique white cabinetry that contrasts beautifully with the Fantasy Brown granite, countertops and sand backsplash.The trendy and modern lighting ties it all together perfectly. Enjoy a cozy fire in your beautiful fireplace as you enjoy the openness of your living room with vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light flowing in from the kitchen and dining area. The primary suite boasts tray ceilings with recessed lighting and a giant walk-in closet with built in shelving. Enjoy the primary en-suite bath strategically designed with dual vanity, a garden tub, and a large separate walk-in shower. The laundry room is conveniently located next to the primary suite. The home has two additional full baths equipped with equally phenomenal finishes.  2-10 Builder warranty included. Come see this beautiful home before it’s gone!

210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-27
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-29
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-28
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-30
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-31
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-33
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-32
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-34
210 Heathwood Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-35

5220 Annie Mitchell Drive

This updated property is a MUST-SEE turnkey estate featuring a spacious floor plan, huge master suite, new paint in and out, new granite countertops, den located right off the kitchen, perfect for gatherings! Loads of storage, low maintenance LVP flooring in kitchen and living room, beautiful parquet flooring in dining and foyer. A nearly 2-acre oversize lot is ready for gardens and families! In addition to the attached two car garage, this property boasts a 2-car detached garage/shop.  Neighbors describe the community as quiet, yet neighborly.

5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-27
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-28
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-29
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-30
5220 Annie Mitchell_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-31

5550 McCrossin Circle

This charming split level is move-in ready. Recently renovated 4br/2bath home is a must see, on culdesac and No HOA.  Kitchen features an open concept with granite counter tops, breakfast bar and new flooring throughout. Fresh interior and exterior paint. Conveniently close to schools, shopping and restaurants

5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
5550 McCrossin Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22

7845 Chase Woods Drive

Don't look any further, this house is Move in Ready. Ranch style home in a well established neighborhood.  Kitchen offers granite counter tops, updated bathrooms,  a bonus room and fenced back yard. Close to Airport.”

7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
7845 Chase Woods_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23

11401 English Road

This beautifully remodeled 4 bedroom 2 bath home has it all!!! HUGE LOT! Workshop with power. HUGE swimming pool with a new liner. Brand new everything with no detail left untouched!!! Flooring, New lighting and plumbing fixtures, Fresh paint inside out, a private fenced back yard and so much more… Location could not be more perfect! Minutes from I-75, Southern Regional hospital, Tara Boulevard, Downtown Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Banking, Entertainment & Much More! This one will not last…

11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-27
11410 English Rd_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-28

1620 Amelia Circle

Welcome Home!!
Move in ready, beautiful and well maintained house. Located on a kid friendly Cul-de-sac, in a well established neighborhood. Conveniently located shopping centers and schools nearby. Kitchen includes stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. No HOA

1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
1620 Amelia Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22

297 Fallview Drive

297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
297 Fallview Dr_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25

This beautiful fully remodeled 3 bedroom 2 bath home has it all!!! Brand new everything with no detail left untouched!!! Flooring, Tiled showers with
custom glass doors, New lighting and plumbing fixtures, Fresh paint inside out, a private back yard and so much more…Location could not be more
perfect! Minutes from I-75, Piedmont (Henry) hospital, Eagles Landing, Shopping, Banking, Entertainment & Much More! This one will not last....

219 Fenwick Circle

Recently renovated. Move in ready. Motivated Seller.
Beautiful home, 3 bedroom 2 bath, located in The Meadows of Jodeco. An established gated community, nestled in the Eagles Landing area. Close to the interstate, shopping centers, medical facilities and schools. 
Located approximately 30 minutes from Hartsfield international Airport. 
This open concept floor plan includes gourmet kitchen, granite countertops, breakfast bar and a private patio. 
HOA fees include all outside maintenance, water, trash, landscaping, pest control, pool and fitness room.

219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-25
219 Fenwick Cir_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-26

596 Lakeridge Circle

This beautiful fully remodeled 3 bedroom 2 bath Ranch home located in the well established community Lakeridge Estates! New lighting/plumbing fixtures, Fresh paint, Granite Countertops, a private fenced back yard and so much! This one will not last....

596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-1
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-2
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-3
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-4
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-5
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-6
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-7
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-8
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-9
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-10
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-11
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-12
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-13
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-14
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-15
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-16
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-17
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-18
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-19
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-20
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-21
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-22
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-23
596 Lakeridge Cir Se_ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography-24
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